One System for Payroll and Attendance

A system that calculates Payroll, BPJS, PPh21, Attendance accurately and on time Application

Web-based Payroll and HR application with cloud-based storage engineered for calculating basic salary, allowances, deductions, BPJS, PPh 21, employee attendance as well as providing various downloadable reports for the company. Payroll Service

Payroll Service is the management service of payroll and attendance handled by SuSi (Support Siaga) team. Member will comfortably receive reporting for payroll and attendance. SuSi Team will handle data entry all the way to producing Payroll, BPJS, and PPh 21 reports.


Find the perfect HR & Payroll System to manage employee administration with Application

It is time to make HR & Payroll's data in a simple and organized system with application. We are available in web and mobile version. Payroll Service

Your precious time is our priority. Trust your payroll data to PS, and enjoy our valuable services.

Make your payroll simple!

Everything you need for payroll and employee’s data is all in one in Try us and manage it


We give the best for your company


Customizable to fit your company policy

Monthly Subscription

No Contract, No Penalty

Responsive Support

3 Channel for support (email, WhatsApp & phone call)

Up to date

Always updated with labor and tax regulations in Indonesia


  • Manage your monthly payroll with team is here to assist your payroll administration and enjoy timely, accurate, and worry-free payroll reporting.

  • We do the work, but you still have control and monitor every process with ease

  • No more team is trained, experienced, backed up with top-notch system this is an assurance for prompt, timely, reliable and accurate reporting.


Payroll services team payroll services are ready to help you to manage your monthly payroll administration. Our experienced and helpful team will help you to calculate the number of employees and provide monthly and accurate financial reports.

Payroll services for your company and monitoring process with no hassle. Learn more about payroll service.

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We manage your employee / non-employee payroll, administration for attendance, Leave, Incentive, PPh 21 Reporting and BPJS, PPh21 and BPJS Calculation, Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile Apps, Online Attendance, etc