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Know us better. We’re here to assist million companes in Indonesia on payroll processing

Who is ? has been tested for accuracy and reliability in processing payroll in Indonesia, Sofco Graha as producer of has been working for more than 30 years producing applications for various companies in Indonesia. It’s time to entrust your company’s payroll affairs to the experienced is Different That The Others

We have been in the industry for 30+ years, thus we understand the character of Indonesia companies as well as their needs. is designed to be flexible and applicable for processing payroll in various companies in Indonesia. Aside of just processing payroll, also provide help on preparing the data for payroll processing such as attendance, non employee and incentive pay.

Benefit of is simplifying companies on managing employee payroll every month. This includes allowance and pay cuts, tax calculation and BPJS premium all in a single solution. also provide tax report of the employee income, companies later submit this tax report to the tax office
Aplikasi penggajian karyawan

Other Benefit

Administration of employee personal data and organizational data

Save administrative costs

Make payroll administration easier

Speed up the payroll process

Can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Be up to date on taxation and employment regulations

Provides a variety of salary calculations (gross, net, gross up)

Multi-branch and NPWP

Multi user with authorization

Integrated with attendance

Provides various types of reports, plus a report template that can be defined by yourself

Start Managing Your Company

Employees / Non-Employees, Salary Calculation, Attendance, Leave, Wages / Incentives, Reporting of PPh21 and BPJS, Calculation of  BPJS premium and PPh21, Employee Self Service (ESS) etc.
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