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Your time is valuable us, is specifically designed to manage employees more easily without time and place restrictions, explore our various feature

Employee Administration

Keep employee data (personal and general staffing) and Administrating for new employee, mutation, and resignation or Pension.


Manage the calculation of employee income including salaries, benefits, BPJS premiums, taxes PPh21, Take Home Pay, to produce salary slip, proof of tax deductions, SPT reporting, and BPJS payments.

Attendance and Leave

Manage employee attendance starting from work schedules, attendance data, overtime, leave, permits, leaving work, and administration of employee leave balance, and integrated with Payroll for the calculation of attendance benefits (meal allowances, transportation, overtime).

Wages / Incentives

Calculation of wages / incentives according to the results of daily work with a certain rate.

Non Employee

Manage income recipient data for non-employee groups including tax calculations to produce proof of Income no final PPh21.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Give employees access to view information about themselves at the company such as personal data, residual leave, salary slip, and even employees can apply for leave and permission directly through ESS.

Online Attendance

Employee can submit their attendance by smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Register Your Company, Now!

We manage your employee / non-employee payroll, administration for attendance, Leave, Incentive, PPh 21 Reporting and BPJS, PPh21 and BPJS Calculation, Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile Apps, Online Attendance, etc
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